Harga Jagung / Corn Prices


We are a company selling cheap corn pipil and supplier / exporter of corn that stood since 1998. To date we have made submissions and corn to meet the needs of more than 80 companies within and outside the country such as Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan.

We are ready to meet the needs of companies that require corn for corn pipil cheap for various purposes, including the need pipil export maize and maize pipil pembeliaan needs cheap imports to meet the needs of livestock feed company.

Please Call Us: 

JL.Rambutan ( Tugu Tomulabutao),
Kec.Dungingi, Kota Gorontalo,
Gorontalo, Indonesia 
0852 999 441 69 (T-SEL)
0813 40 1984 78 (T-SEL)
05656 722 439 (IM3)
0435 – 8856 107  (FLEXI) 
:: Call Center 24 Hours :: 

E-mail maulanaisme@gmail.com 

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